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Explore Nafpaktos


The walled section of the city, known as the 'historic center,' features an intriguing traditional urban ensemble. Combined with the parallel ramparts of the Venetian fortress, it creates a historical environment. The area is densely built, and the only open space is around the port. The road network consists of narrow cobblestone streets and stone stairs.


Above the beautiful landscapes of coastal Nafpaktia rises mountainous Nafpaktia with its diverse relief, dominated by mountain ranges, streams, and water. A characteristic feature is the sculpted slopes of the Nafpaktian mountains, with traditional farming, pastoral roads, and terraced fields, bearing witness to the titanic struggle for survival of generations.


Upon arriving in Nafpaktos, you can enjoy a coffee or a drink at the charming cafes surrounding the Port Square. The shade of the two colossal plane trees can offer you refreshment, while at the same time, you will have a view of the small picturesque Venetian harbor with its rich history. On the western arm of the harbor, there are two statues of heroes that remind us of maritime events from the long history of this small town.


To the east and west of the city, there are two beaches where you can enjoy swimming. The beautiful beach in the Psani neighborhood, one kilometer in length, with its large plane trees, luxurious shops, and the beautiful municipal beach, has been repeatedly honored by the EU with 'Blue Flags' for its clean coastline. During the summer months, it is literally flooded with holidaymakers who enjoy the sea during the day and take cool walks along the waterfront in the evening.


Ascending the paved alleys north of the Port Square, you will find yourself in front of an imposing architectural complex that captures the attention and interest of anyone seeing it for the first time. This is the 'Botsaris Tower.' Built in two phases in the 15th and 16th centuries, this building was used many times to house the leaders of the city. Immediately after the liberation of Nafpaktos in 1829, the building came into the possession of Souliote general Notis Botsaris. Today, the tower belongs to the 'Dimitrios and Aegle Botsaris Foundation' and hosts a permanent exhibition of copies of paintings, maps, and drawings related to the Battle of Nafpaktos (1571 AD).